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Dental Vibe

Celestino Perez DDS in Port Washington, WI

This device creates a vibration on the gums which then sends a signal to the sensory area of the brain. Your brain then focuses on the vibration and not the injection making it painless. Patients who we have used this product with have asked for it again on a return visit.Have you ever thought to yourself "I wish getting numb didn't have to be so uncomfortable". We have invested in two products the help make recieving the injection virtually painless. We find it very important to make sure our patients have the most comfortable experience while at our office.


Onpharma Onset

Celestino Perez DDS in Port Washington, WI

Onset is a chairside anesthetic buffering system which means it chemically changes the product is pH balance of the anesthetic making the injection virtually painless. With this product the patient will feel more profoundly numb at a quicker rate. Which means the patients will spend less time in the dental chair. We are in love with this product and so are our patients. We often hear "that was it? I didn't feel a thing!" , that's the best compliment we can receive.


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